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I moved to Wichita about 20 years ago and started with Sunflower Travel in the Derby office, specializing in the Hawaiian Islands, Disney, and Cruises. After about 10 years, I moved through the Western United States, landing in the state of Washington just south of Seattle. It was there where I spent the next decade exploring the Pacific Northwest and all its beauty. I have been to every state West of the Mississippi and am now working on the Eastern half of this beautiful country.I eventually moved back to Wichita and re-started my career in travel with a heightened sense of adventure and more stories to share.

My love for travel started as a child when I was being raised around the world on various islands. I grew up in Maui, Guam, Singapore, and Samoa. One of my favorite travel memories is during my time in Maui going through the Hana Highway before the road was expanded for tourism (and safety, haha). At that time only one small car could pass on the road. The bamboo forests, stopping at the waterfalls - especially the Twin Falls. I’ll never forget those memories and am so thankful that I was able to experience something that travelers these days will never know how unique it was back then.

Travel for me is a combination of new experiences, culture, and foods. I’m definitely a foodie. A unique perspective I have when traveling is that of the balmy scents of the land. Some places, I wish I could capture the ocean air and put each one in it’s own bottle of spices, flowers, earth, and fresh air.

Getting to sit down with locals and hear their stories is another favorite past-time and (memory) of mine. Our time in Maui was filled with many stories we heard from those we passed along the way.

I look forward to sharing my adventures and experience with others while helping them to build and create their own memories around the world.

Specialties: Alaska, Disney, Western USA, Southwest National Parks, Multi-Generational Travel, Custom Tours, Hawaii, Honeymoons/Romance, Active/Adventure, Hiking Tours.

Certifications: Aruba, Jamaica, Virgin Voyages, Hawaii Specialist Certification (All Islands),

Countries Visited: Western United States, Guam, Singapore, Hawaii (Oahu, Big Island, Maui, Molokini), Mexico, Canada.

Must Have Travel Item - A mini-deck of cards.

Favorite Souvenir - Enamel Pens or Refrigerator Magnets

Heather Hadley