This Copenhagen Hotel has 'Hygge'

About Copenhagen, Denmark
'Hygge' is the Danish recipe for happiness that's caught on as a catchphrase with its appeal as an antidote to the ails of the modern world.

And, as BestTrip discovered, it's also the perfect recipe for an ideal hotel stay in the heart of CopenhagenThe Absalon is a luxury design hotel in the city's vibrant, up-and-coming Vesterbro district. It's a short walk to the Station, the famous Tivoli Gardens, surrounded by stylish bars, restaurants... and makes its interpretation of 'hygge' a hallmark of a guest stay.

Spaces that embrace, connections with the people in your life, comfort Danish food and drink, and life balanceā€¦ this traditional Danish concept has new and more powerful relevance in a busy and disconnected world.

Hygge might be the very best souvenir from Denmark of all: once you learn how to capture hygge from your experiences in Copenhagen and at the Absalon Hotel, you'll be able to take that feeling home with you and implement its practice into your life.